Water Security

Water Bores

In today's world no water is cooler, clearer, less polluted or contaminated than the 97% of the earth's fresh water that exists underground.


Quoting of water bores

We offer a no obligation free onsite quote. The quote includes:

  • drilling
  • materials casing
  • equipment
  • labour

Everything finished and ready for the installment of the pump.

For us to proceed with the bore consent we will need you to complete a small form.
We will also need to locate all bores within 200 metres of your drilling site.

We drill, design and construct bores for

  • domestic
  • farm supply
  • irrigation
  • lifestyle blocks
  • town supply
  • geothermal


You are required to have a consent from your Regional Council before we can drill a water bore.

We apply for the permit on your behalf. A one off cost for a domestic bore.

The permit usually takes around 14 working days.

Drilling your bore

We require access for 2 trucks, close to power (always convenient for client and less expensive).

We can drill in a garden area for disguising, in a driveway with a man hole cover,
side of house or garage.

There is an option for the removal and disposing of drilling waste.

The bore hole is lined with a PVC or steel casing to stabalise the hole.

Pumping of your water bore

We can arrange related supplys such as:

  • submersible pumps
  • electrics
  • surface plumbing
  • tanks

Contact us for a free quote.