Water Security



What Is A Borehole?

A borehole is simply a deep narrow well usually driven by an electric pump that taps into the underground stores of water held in permeable rock known as aquifers.

Thanks to modern technology we can put a small water bore hole in your garden or on your business premises.


Why Would I Need A Borehole?

Warmer, drier summers and drier winters can mean that our reservoirs don't have the capacity to feed the nation's increasing demands for water. New housing builds also affects this, and together it all leads to water shortages and hosepipe bans, even drought orders in some parts of the UK.

Many homes now have water metering (the more you use the more you pay), so gardens are likely to suffer there due to costs.

Any garden, plot of land, lake or a pond, will all need more attention between November and Februrary. In the hottest summer months the water reserves and soil reserves are at their lowest, and these are unfortunately the peak times for gardener's watering needs.

Boreholes can help in many other ways too:

  • Save on water being extracted from NZ's rivers and Dams
  • No added fluoride or chlorine